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Legacy: Series Introduction

As our children start a new school year, we're excited to introduce a series that aligns with this significant time of the year! I want to invite you to join us at Southbelt Church of Christ for our new series LEGACY, beginning August 27th.

Just as the new school year presents an opportunity for growth and learning, we're embarking on a journey to explore the power of building a lasting legacy of faith. This series is all about passing down the values, beliefs, and faith that truly matter to the next generation.

We will begin by understanding the Importance of sharing our faith and discovering why legacy matters and how it influences the lives of those around us. We will explore the faithfulness of parents, grandparents, and loved ones and our role in shaping the next generation's faith. Considering a vibrant faith in our lives daily, learn how living out your faith authentically inspires those around us. Uncover the benefits of effective Bible study for your life and the lives of those around you. In modeling a legacy of service, we will build a lasting impact.

Join us on August 27th as we consider the school year ahead and the legacy we leave to others. Whether you're a parent, teacher, grandparent, mentor, or anyone who cares about leaving a positive imprint, this series is for you.


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